Blenders next top model

It’s been a while since my last post and this is mainly because of the topic of this blog; 3D modelling and animation. One of my classes at college is 3D animation and the assessment for this class was to make a 30 second teaser trailer for a game using Blender. That’s fine you may think, however for the past few years the college hasn’t taught blender for its animation class but instead has used another program called Anim8or. This ment that our lecturers where having to learn how to use the software at the same time as us, the students.
So let’s fast forward a couple of months to the animation and the software itself. Blender, as a program, is deceptively simple to use. It contains just about every feature you will find on any autodesk product but when using it you have a choice of different rendering engines. This is where the problems arise. There are certain things, smoke particles for example, which work in one engine but not the other. So a lot of forward planning is needed before starting a project. Most of what I learned to do with blender was through YouTube tutorials. If you are looking to learn blender I would recommend following the videos uploaded by Andrew Price and stick with it. As I said in an earlier post about programming, repetition is the key to mastering this software. Just like the show on which the title of this blog is based, there will be tears, there will be laughter but in the end you will have a top model


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